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China releases Top 500 enterprises 2013

The China Enterprise Confederation has released its latest Top 500 Enterprises list, with Sinopec Group topping the list by revenue for the third straight year. The list says Sinopec’s revenue reached 2.83 trillion yuan, and the total assets of the 500 enterprises have reached more than 150 trillion yuan.

The top ten enterprises this year are from the energy, banking, communications, and construction sectors.

In 2013, the Top 500 Enterprises contributed nearly 3.6 trillion yuan in taxes, an increase of 11 percent compared with last year.

Meanwhile, more than 120 companies have a revenue of more than 100 billion yuan each. 86 of them also rank on the Global 500 list.

The list also shows that state-owned and state-controlled companies play a dominant role in contributing taxes. But, private enterprises surpass state companies in terms of net profits. (Source: tingvoa.com)



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